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tv   New Books Being Published  CSPAN  November 29, 2014 8:58am-9:00am EST

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>> and now booktv continues with more nonfiction authors and books. on afterwards, jonathan hyde presents the history of the birth control pill. bill nye talks about the theory of evolution and argues to teach creationism alongside evolution in science class is not only wrong but dangerous. thomas read profiles president ronald reagan, jill look for discusses the history of feminism and daniel schulman looks at the coke brothers. for more information on this weekend's four they television scheduled visit us online at >> here's a look at some books being published this week. norman mailer's authorized biographer and archivist michael lind and prevents the edited collection selected letters of norman mailer. and her brilliant career, rachel clarke writes about the lives of ten female pioneers of the 1950s.
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jason scottoa look at race and politics in the northeast in all eyes are upon us. in empire of cotton, a history of the economic importance of cotton. in pressed for time, judy wiseman challenges the concept that modern technology has sped up everyday life. look for these titles in bookstores this coming week and watch for the authors in the near future on booktv and on >> up next richard preston talk about the discovery of the ebola virus and the latest ebola outbreak in several west african countries. his 1994 best selling book hot zone be picked in 1989 outbreak in western the junior. the book is once again on the new york times best-seller list. mr. preston spoke at yale university in newhaven, connecticut. guides >> today it is


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